The Crew

Screenings and Awards

The crew attending the 2012 Annie Awards

Director and attending leads on the red carpet at the Annie's (left) and accepting the Rosebud Awards at the CSU Media Arts Festival (right)

Team Tule Lake (right) at the San Jose Int'l Shorts Festival with fellow filmmakers Bronto House (left)

Behind the Scenes

Searching for the film's name.  Not for lack of trying, the movie ended up going with the working title.

Animators and background painters sharing the class space in Room 218

Director Michelle reviews layouts with production designer Cody and Al (left) and cuts together the pencil test animatic on her lunch break (right)

Leads Chris (left) and Erin (right) have a few words with their department

Erin and Cory make corrections on layouts/backgrounds

  Action shot of animators Aden, Lucie & Becky

 Animators flipping away

Taking a break from the long hours animating

FX artist Vincent and 3D modeler Eric doing intense technical-looking things

 Chris goes over model sheets with Lucie, Becky and Kendrra (left) and inking with Tiffany (right)